Closer Look At Enceladus By NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft

Early mission of Cassini encounters with the moon, the northern terrain of Enceladus was masked by wintry darkness. Now that the summer sun is shining on the high northern latitudes, scientists will be looking for signs of ancient geological activity similar to the geyser spouting, tiger-stripe fractures in the moon’s south polar region. It’s been […]


SRS X88 By Sony – Simple To Setup

SRS X88 is a wireless speaker by Sony from the same family of multi-room audio products as the impressive HT XT3 soundbase. It is one of three WiFi Bluetooth speakers in Sony’s latest range. The SRS X88 is one classy looking speaker. Sony calls its design Definitive Outline thanks to a thick black trim that runs […]


ThinkPad Edge E500 By Lenovo: Actual Business Laptop

The ThinkPad Edge E500 is a budget business machine, bottom of the range for buyers looking to minimize investment. Of course ‘Business’ is a little meaningless assortment these days this laptop is no different from some entry level gaming laptop in terms of specs. Lenovo’s spokesman assured us that no such malware features in its business […]


AmbiLux 8900 By Philips – Astounding Colors

We have spent some time with one of the most interesting at the show so here is Philips 8900 AmbiLux. The idea is that AmbiLight changes color based on, what is on the screen so a nice landscape scene will glow green at the bottom where there’s grass and blue at the top where there […]


EC Technology 12000mAh External Battery Pack – Optimum Charging

EC Technology’s third-generation power bank follows the same red-and-black matte plastic design as its predecessors, but it’s slimmed down and is much more portable than the EC Tech 22,400mAh bank. No carry case is supplied, but the EC Tech feels reassuringly tough. At 166x66x23mm it could fit in the pocket of your jeans, but we do […]


Incredible Closeup Of Saturn’s Moon Dione By NASA

The Cassini-Huygens mission concludes in late 2017, with the spacecraft repeatedly diving through the space between Saturn and its rings during its final year. Only a handful of close flybys of Saturn’s large, icy moons remain for the spacecraft, according to NASA. Cassini is scheduled to make three approaches to the geologically active moon Enceladus on […]


Honda Accord Sedan 2016 – Unlock The Future

The Accord remains hugely important to Honda. So for 2016, Honda has added some new ingredients to its winning recipe. And we just got our first taste of the new dish. The refreshed 2016 Honda Accord has big shoes to fill its own. After all, the Accord has landed on our 10 Best Cars list […]

OMEGA’s ceramic Speedmaster

A Tour Of World Of OMEGA’s Ceramic Speedmaster Collection

OMEGA shared with watch aficionados from around the world the process and details behind the creation of its renowned ceramic Speedmaster models. Located in front of the reception area of the OMEGA booth in Hall 1.0, the exhibition has two entrances that lead to an alluring experience. Inside the dark exhibition is a large model […]


RICOH THETA Is Now Compatible With YouTube’s New 360-degree Video Format.

RICOH COMPANY, LTD and RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD are pleased to announce that the official app for the RICOH THETA spherical image camera has been upgraded to be compatible with Google’s 360-degree video format. Users can use the newly released app, RICOH THETA for Windows®/Mac ver. 1.10.0, to share videos with the new 360-degree video […]