There are some games that are so important in the development of gaming that everyone should play them. It’s important to know about the history of the industry if you want to understand its present and even its future. These classic games are all important for different reasons, so make sure you’ve played them at least once.



There is something wonderfully innocent about Pac-Man. Like all the best games of its era, it is based on simplicity. Avoiding the ghosts and collecting points can be pretty addictive. And it’s easy to see where the simple 2D games that are now so popular on smartphones came from. Without Pac-Man, would we have ever got games like Candy Crush Saga? You can download classic Pac-Man games easily enough these days, so get lost in this classic game.


Runescape hit its peak in 2007. At that time, it hadn’t been around for long, but many people are still in love with that original game. There have been subsequent games that are a lot of fun as well. And the series as a whole certainly remains a classic. Runescape 3 Gold, Game Cards & download at can make the modern games even more fun. Or you could go back to basics and play the Old School Runescape version that is still so popular with fans of the series.


Doom is still considered one of the most important games in the history of the industry. Without this classic game, which was released in 1993, the first-person shooter genre may never have developed. To think that games like Call of Duty and all the other immensely popular shooters owe a debt to this modest game is incredible. But it’s absolutely true. In the game, you had to walk around with your gun and kill monsters before they killed you. It even innovated in the realm of multiplayer gaming.


Zelda is an icon of the gaming world. The green suit, the sword and the shield are by now iconic. And anyone who knows anything about games will know Zelda. But does that necessarily mean that everyone has actually played the game and understands why it’s so important? This is the game that inspired so many other popular games that came after it. Without Zelda, you might not have ever been able to play your favourite video games that came later on. So, you need to try the original.

Super Mario Bros

Those two Italian plumbers are now so famous that it’s hard to believe that there is anyone out there who has not played this game. But I’m not talking about the modern updates that twist the original premise and add lots of new features and ideas to it. I’m talking about the original Super Mario Bros came. This was a 2D platform game that was simple, yet challenging. It was originally released by Nintendo in the 80s. And you don’t need to an old console to play it because it has been digitized and can be played online now.