Aerospace Industry

From the Ground to the Sky: Applications of DC Motors in the Aerospace Industry

Of the many applications of brushless DC motors (or BLDC motors), perhaps there is none more groundbreaking than its use in the aerospace industry. For one, the environmental aspects of this market can rise to the extremes; for example, temperatures can go as low as negative 50 degrees Celsius and as high as 200 degrees […]


Are Clean Air Zones another step closer to reaching the 2040 air quality plan?

Oxford city council have announced their plans to become what they believe to be the world’s first zero emission city – as they pledge to ban petrol and diesel cars from their city centre roads by 2020, and hope to extend this zone throughout the whole city by 2035. As the UK government commits to […]


Low Budgets Of NASA Could Be Dangerous Spaceflight Safety

The greatest dangers to security at NASA may be low spending plans and a relative absence of responsibility, as per another report. This and different discoveries originate from the 2015 yearly report by the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP), which reports to NASA and Congress. The 42 page report gives back a few times to […]


Closer Look At Enceladus By NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft

Early mission of Cassini encounters with the moon, the northern terrain of Enceladus was masked by wintry darkness. Now that the summer sun is shining on the high northern latitudes, scientists will be looking for signs of ancient geological activity similar to the geyser spouting, tiger-stripe fractures in the moon’s south polar region. It’s been […]


Incredible Closeup Of Saturn’s Moon Dione By NASA

The Cassini-Huygens mission concludes in late 2017, with the spacecraft repeatedly diving through the space between Saturn and its rings during its final year. Only a handful of close flybys of Saturn’s large, icy moons remain for the spacecraft, according to NASA. Cassini is scheduled to make three approaches to the geologically active moon Enceladus on […]


NASA Discovers Exoplanet And It Is 21 Light Years Away

The closest rocky planet outside our solar system, which is larger than Earth and the potential gold mine of science data. Even though it is too much hot to visit, and it significantly closer than Kepler but it’s 21 light years away from Earth. The new horizons probe of Nasa has famed for taking recent stunning […]


Boeing, All Nippon Airways Finalize Order For 40 Widebody Airplanes

Boeing and All Nippon Airways (ANA) today finalized an order for 40 widebody airplanes – 20 777-9Xs, 14 787-9 Dreamliners and six 777-300ERs (Extended Range) – as part of the airline’s strategic long-haul fleet renewal plan. The order, valued at approximately $13 billion at list prices, was originally announced as a commitment in March. “The […]


Airline Places Firm Order For Five Bombardier Q400 NextGen Turboprops

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft announced today that an airline, which has requested to remain unidentified at the present time, has signed a firm purchase agreement for five Q400 NextGen turboprop airliners. Based on the list price for the Q400 NextGen airliner, the transaction is valued at approximately $168 million US. “In today’s challenging economic environment, the […]


Boeing To Assemble 787-10 Dreamliner In South Carolina

Boeing announced today that final assembly of the 787-10, the newest and longest member of the 787 Dreamliner family of airplanes, will take place exclusively in North Charleston, S.C. Boeing will continue to assemble both 787-8s and 787-9s in Everett, Wash., and North Charleston. Design of the 787-10 is underway in Everett, with final assembly […]

A350 XWB

AIRBUS A350 XWB Arrives In Hong Kong For NG

The world’s newest, most modern and efficient aircraft, the Airbus A350 XWB, landed for the very first time at Hong International Airport (HKAI) earlier today. The aircraft, MSN 005, is one of five A350 prototypes used to perform comprehensive flight test and development trials. The aircraft has to fly a representative airline schedule, demonstrating its […]