South Korea is building the world’s largest k-City for self-driving vehicles

Self-Driving vehicles are considered as the future of cars. South Korea is taking a big step into the self-driving vehicles development space, is now building the largest ‘fake’ city for testing self-driving vehicles. In the fake city Dubbed as K-City, the self-driving car developers can repeat tests with various scenarios and road conditions. The facility […]


Nissan Will Begin Conducting Tests Of Its Self-Driving Cars In London

Nissan is to demonstrate its autonomous driving technology on public roads in London in February. The tests be the company’s first to be carried out in Europe. The Japanese carmaker is the first mass-market brand to launch semi-autonomous vehicles to the public in the Europe, with the Qashqai SUV that can steer in a motorway […]

John Deere truck

John Deere Made Its First Fully-Electric Tractor

American agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere showcased its prototype battery-electric farm tractor ahead of next month’s French SIMA show. And it’s not the type driven around by young children. Rather, it ‘s a full-size tractor, and ready to work on the farm. While company has shown a variety of alternative-fuel sources in the past, including […]


Major Tech Changes Mark The 2018 VW Golf

Volkswagen is updating its Golf, the most successful model in the company’s history stated in website Revealed in Europe, the 2018 VW Golf gets new engines and driver-assistance systems, as well as new infotainment systems along with larger touchscreens and one with gesture control. Features: The refresh brings some slight alterations to the Golf’s […]

Car Accident

Smash, Crash, And Bash! Who Should You Call In The Event Of A Car Accident?

On our roads, car accidents happen everyday. These events are often unavoidable, stressful times for those involved. Of course, it can be easy to go blank and forget what you should be doing when something like this happens. But, it’s important to stay cool. If someone crashes into you, and it’s not your fault, you’ve […]

Google driverless car

Get Off The Road! Easy Ways To Lose Your License

Driving on today’s roads can be a dangerous game. And, it’s not just when it comes to your personal safety. When you hit the road, you could be making any one of hundreds of mistakes that could lead to you losing your license. To help you out, this post will go through the three easiest […]

railway safety

Developments in railway safety

With the Southern Rail strikes this week, safety on our railways is a hot topic. High powered engines, electricity and fast-moving vehicles are something of a recipe for disaster when considering the safety of railways. The strikes centred around the need for more safety, as Southern propose removing conductors, whose jobs have always been to […]

toyota c-hr interior

Toyota Unveiled The Interior Design For Its New C-HR

Toyota has revealed the interior design for its new crossover called the C-HR, showing it off to potential buyers ahead of the car’s debut later in 2016. The C-HR is a car that Toyota designed with an eye towards more stylistic freedom and to promote engineering creativity and innovation, I have to say that Toyota […]

toyota camry hybrid

Toyota Revealed The Pricing Detail Of 2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota recently announced the pricing detailed of its newest design called the 2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid. The Camry Hybrid is available in three models, including the HV LE, HV XLE and HV SE grades. The price for the Camry Hybrid will range from the $26,790 for the base LE grade to $30,140 for the premium […]

Chery X1 Bring Speed in Your Life

The world leading Automobile Company Chery has introduced Chery X1 SUV with an astonishing body design and enhanced features. The Chery X1 SUV comes forth with an astonishing body design and is consist of a 3,866 mm length, 1,622 mm width, 1585 mm height and a wheelbase of 2,330 mm with a lighter curb weight […]