Hazards of the Rollout: Mitigating the Risks of New Software

Very few companies run without at least one dedicated business application these days. Whether it’s a very simple stock inventory recorder, or a multitude of highly analytical CRM systems, we all have to deal with them on a daily basis. They’re there to make things better, but at times they can be difficult; most often […]

CLiKAPAD Audience Response System

Why an Audience Response System is a Great Idea for Conferences

Audience Response Systems – What Are They? Gone are the days when you would need to collect a series of questionnaire sheets at the end of a conference or meeting. With Audience Response Systems the results are instantaneous. An Audience Response System is a handheld device very similar to the one seen in the 90’s […]

BMW i3

Should You Buy A BMW i3?

With so many new and exciting electric cars on the market these days, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your next one. Some people might even be considering the leap from a petrol or diesel car to electric car technology! One rising star in the electric car world is, without a […]


Debunked: The Myths Surrounding 4G and LTE Mobile Internet

These days it is possible to have a faster Internet connection on your mobile than at home! That is all possible thanks to 4G or “LTE” mobile Internet. 4G is the fourth generation of mobile technology, and has only become mainstream since 2013 in some countries. On a personal level, I upgraded my mobile tariff […]

Innovative Tech That You Need in the Workplace

Innovative Tech That You Need in the Workplace

Technology has enhanced our work lives beyond all belief. Technology has made our work lives easier. What is more, we are more productive. Technology is a double-edged sword. Some of us can’t live with it, others cannot live without it. Whatever your view on technology, let’s be honest, we would be lost without it in […]