Natede smart air purifier delivers a natural way to purify indoor air

Put off indoor pollution with the new NATEDE smart Natural Air Purifier. This new purifier tiers up the air purification method with advanced sensors and a photocatalytic clear out. Moreover, the filter want not get replaced. This makes the complete design budget-pleasant. Thanks to the lovely Italian design and smart capability, the air cleaner eliminates […]


Kombuis cooking set has been ready to help you cook during any outdoor adventure

Adventurers, campers or anyone else searching out a transportable, lightweight cooking set can be inquisitive about a brand new piece of kit created via Arnaud, referred to as the Kombuis. Which takes the shape of a portable, compact and efficient rocket stove set that offers a wood stove and a small pot and pan made […]

Aurga Smart DSLR Assistant,

Aurga smart DSLR assistant helps you capture amazing photos

Taking high-quality photographs the usage of even the nice DSLR camera remains especially difficult to do for beginners, however a new corporation is making it simpler for all of us to take stunning, Pro-quality pictures. The Aurga DSLR assistant has taken to Kickstarter rather than any upcoming it events and is the first of its […]

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker Has Officially Been Launched

All tech giants are busying to manufacturer their own smart speaker with the virtual digital assistant. At first, the Amazon and Google Launched their smart speaker, the Amazon Echo, and the Google Home. But both companies are working to make better their smart speakers, Amazon bringing Alexa to every device, while the Google make it […]

Dell is boosting its UltraSharp monitor lineup with a new curved ultrawide beauty

Dell has added the UltraSharp 38, a curved monitor that has been designed for the place of work and to deliver top of the line stages of productivity. The Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved screen (U3818DW) is the compnay’s first 37.5-inches ultrawide curved display screen (2300R curvature) display screen. Measuring at 37.5 inches, Dell’s most modern […]

Pentax KP

Pentax’s Newest Camera Is A Relatively Tiny DSLR Called The KP

Ricoh has just introduced the Pentax KP, a tiny titan of a DSLR camera with a maximum ISO of 819,200. The KP has big features like weather-sealing and high resolution in its sights – but its smaller-than-usual scale is its big sell. The Japanese DSLR camera manufacturer designed a completely new body for this camera […]

Dell 4K OLED UP3017Q Monitor

Dell 4K OLED UP3017Q Monitor Is Available To Purchase

About a year ago, Dell announced a 30 inch Dell 4K OLED UP3017Q Monitor at Consumer Electronics Show CES 2016, and it’s priced at $4,999. But due to some image quality issue, the company cancelled it. Now Dell is going to sell it and even in a cheaper price than originally planed. The newly arrived […]


August released the newest August Smart Lock – the August Smart Lock Pro

Smart lock manufacturer, August announced the new hardware and its entry into Z-Wave Alliance. The Smart Lock Pro is the company’s first to support the Z-Wave standard. This lock is geared toward the professional market rather than do-it-yourselfers. The August Smart Lock Pro will be available later this fall, but Sorry, you can not buy this […]

AOC Q2781PQ Monitor

AOC Unvieled The Frameless AOC Q2781PQ Monitor

AOC – the best known company for manufacturing the monitor display technology, has recently announced the 27 inch quad core Ultra Slim Frameless IPS monitor called – the AOC Q2781PQ Monitor. AOC Q2781PQ Monitor Features The AOC Q2781PQ Monitor features an ultra slim design and asymmetric stand. The Q2781PQ monitor comes with an upgraded design […]