Olympus IPLEX NX

Olympus’s Most Advanced Industrial Videoscope: IPLEX NX

Olympus has introduced its new IPLEX NX videoscope, that delivers new levels of excellence in image quality, maneuverability and user-friendliness which help locate flaws that were previously undetectable and streamline inspections in even the most difficult-to-reach areas. True-to-life images are crucial to visual inspection, and the IPLEX NX combines technologies and advanced features for a […]


VIZIO New 2016 P-Series Starting Just $999

The Vizio comes out with its new TVs series, P-Series. The P-Series consist of four models namely: P50-C1 that is 50 inches, P55-C1 that is 55 inches, P65-C1 that’s 65 inches and P75-C1 that’s 75 inches. The prices are $999, $1299, $1999 and $3799 respectively. The P-Series has come back in its newest form and […]


Lycan Powerbox : Personal Energy Solution

Solar panel manufacturer RENOGY has announced the Lycan Powerbox that could help to reshape the mobile energy space. It is a solar powered generator that takes the energy of the sun to provide power in the case of an outage. Lycan Powerbox is, world’s first personal energy solution that has the ability to transform the […]

Canon XC10

Canon XC10 With 4K Tech Resolution: Picture Of Future

The XC10 is Canon’s entrance level Cinema EOS camera. In any case, it is a fairly diverse monster contrasted with different individuals from the Cinema EOS extent, for example, the C100. For a begin, it is cost of somewhat over £1,500 puts it much closer to shopper grade camcorders. This is additionally a camcorder with […]

Sound Audio M Plus

The Ministry Of Sound Audio M Plus: Loud Without Deformation

The Ministry of Sound Audio M Plus is the center kid in a scope of new remote speakers from the Ministry of Sound. When all is said in done this feels like a first wave item, one that will require a touch of tweaking before it can genuinely tackle the enormous names. The charger for fueling up […]


KitSound Link – Incredible Multi-Room Audio Adapter

The system of KitSound Link is controlled by a free smartphone app, which sends music from DLNA devices and streaming services such as Spotify to any room in the house. It works in the same way as multi-room products such as the Samsung R7 and Sony SRS-X88, except that you do not need to fork […]


AmbiLux 8900 By Philips – Astounding Colors

We have spent some time with one of the most interesting at the show so here is Philips 8900 AmbiLux. The idea is that AmbiLight changes color based on, what is on the screen so a nice landscape scene will glow green at the bottom where there’s grass and blue at the top where there […]

LG Front Loading Automatic Washing

The Best Water Savings Washing Machine Brands In India

Today, almost every household has a washing machine to do their laundry. In today’s time, the modern families have a busy and hectic lifestyle and for them a washing machine is a basic necessity. These machines are a great boon in washing the clothes; keep it fresh and in top condition for long. While these […]


EC Technology 12000mAh External Battery Pack – Optimum Charging

EC Technology’s third-generation power bank follows the same red-and-black matte plastic design as its predecessors, but it’s slimmed down and is much more portable than the EC Tech 22,400mAh bank. No carry case is supplied, but the EC Tech feels reassuringly tough. At 166x66x23mm it could fit in the pocket of your jeans, but we do […]


Inateck Mercury Box Speaker – Play It Wherever You Want

Inateck’s Mercury Box BP2101 Bluetooth Speaker comes in an elegant black case, internally covered with velvet fabric. This gives you a hint as to the quality of the product inside. However, we do not judge a book from its cover. So let’s take a look at the actual characteristics of the Mercury Box speaker. Inateck’s Mercury […]