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7 Reasons Why Citroen Want People To Buy The New C1 Hatchback


Citroen is perhaps one of the world’s best-known car makers. They sell a variety of models across the world and are a strong automotive brand. One of their most popular models is the C1 hatchback. It’s a small city car that sells well in Europe and other markets.

Citroën C1

The French car maker has put a big marketing effort into the C1 these days. After all; it’s a chic, versatile model suitable for a large demographic! If you’re thinking of buying a city car soon, here are seven reasons why Citroen want you to buy the C1 hatchback:

1. It offers fresh styling

The latest incarnation of the Citroen C1 boasts exciting new styling. Citroen is undergoing something of a brand refresh these days. They’re launching a variety of updated models with exciting new looks. The Citroen C1 is one such model that has undergone a redesign.

One can’t help but admire the Citroen C1’s smooth curves and accented front end!

2. Performance and fuel economy perfect for the city

If you’re interested in a Citroen C1, chances are you spend most of your time doing local driving. A motorway stormer it is not. But, what the car represents is excellent value for money. It has the performance when you need it, and the fuel economy to save you cash.

3. Easy to buy and maintain

The good news is that the Citroen C1 isn’t some obscure car that is hard to get hold of or service. It’s a popular, mass-produced vehicle sold in many places around the world. If you look at Citroen cars at Carco, you’ll doubtless find many a C1 for sale!

4. Low emissions mean cheaper car tax

In many parts of the world, the tax you pay on your vehicle will depend on its CO2 emissions. In other words, the higher the carbon footprint, the more tax you pay.

The Citroen C1 is a car that is “green”. Both engines offered have less than 100g/km of carbon emissions.

5. Modern technology in a compact form

Citroen wants to emphasise the point that the Citroen C1 isn’t a budget-brand car. It features some of the best technology the car maker has to offer!

For example, some trim levels come with a seven-inch touchscreen display and DAB radio. Even LED daytime running lights are standard on some trims!

6. An agile city car that won’t scare you around corners

One downside to many city cars is their appalling handling on the road! The truth is the Citroen C1 doesn’t cause any concerns for drivers on the road. It’s both agile and safe.

The car is also good at absorbing many of those annoying bumps and potholes that plague our roads.

7. It’s also comfortable

If you’re expecting flimsy seats with no comfort, think again. The latest incarnation of the Citroen C1 is surprisingly comfortable on the road! You also get a good view of the road ahead thanks to the front seating positions. That makes it easy to negotiate any tough driving urban environments!