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Audi and CARIAD Partnership Introduces In-Car App Store

Audi and CARIAD Partnership Introduces In-Car App Store
Audi and CARIAD Partnership Introduces In-Car App Store

Audi has announced a partnership with CARIAD, a Volkswagen subsidiary, to introduce an app store that will allow Audi owners to access third-party apps directly from their vehicles. The new app store will be available in selected models equipped with the MIB 3 infotainment system.

Accessing the App Store

The app store can be accessed via a separate MMI tile, and customers can download apps from various categories, including music, video, gaming, navigation, productivity, weather, and news. However, the third-party apps will not be available on vehicles with an earlier date of production. The store’s launch is set for June and will include the latest Audi models, such as the A3, A4/A5, Q5, A6/A7, A8, Q8 e-tron, and Audi e-tron GT.

Using Third-Party Apps

To use the third-party apps, a data link is required, which will be billed conveniently via data volume for European Audi owners. Moreover, Amazon’s Alexa, which has been available in Audi models since 2019, will now have access to new features from this summer, such as an improved graphical interface.

Partnership with CARIAD

Audi is working with CARIAD to ensure the success of complex digital systems, such as the new app store for third-party apps. CARIAD is developing the technology stack for automated and connected driving, driver assistance systems, a standardized infotainment platform, and a new digital ecosystem centered around the car.

Collaboration and Resource Sharing

The collaboration between Audi and CARIAD underscores the importance of collaboration and sharing of resources within the Volkswagen Group. By pooling their expertise and resources, the companies are better equipped to develop cutting-edge technology and remain competitive in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.

Driving Innovation

Audi has been a leader in automotive innovation for years and is committed to improving the driving experience for its customers. By introducing the new app store, Audi owners can access a wide range of third-party apps, which will enhance the driving experience and make it more enjoyable. This latest development is a testament to Audi’s dedication to developing cutting-edge technology that meets the evolving needs of its customers.

The partnership between Audi and CARIAD to introduce an app store to selected models with the MIB 3 infotainment toolkit is a positive development for the automotive industry. As technology continues to shape the automotive industry, this move will help Audi remain competitive and meet the needs of its customers. It will be interesting to see what other innovative solutions will be developed through the collaboration between Audi and CARIAD.