Home Automobile Mercedes-Benz to Build EU First Battery Recycling Factory

Mercedes-Benz to Build EU First Battery Recycling Factory

Mercedes-Benz to Build EU First Battery Recycling Factory
Mercedes-Benz to Build EU First Battery Recycling Factory

Mercedes-Benz, the renowned German car manufacturer, has announced its plans to construct a new battery recycling factory in Kuppenheim, Germany, as part of its commitment to sustainable business practices and the transition to electric vehicles. The factory will include a closed-loop recycling system for battery raw materials, making it the first integrated recycling concept of its kind in Europe.

The event, attended by high-profile stakeholders, including Jörg Burzer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Thekla Walker, Minister for the Environment, Climate Protection, and Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg, and Michael Brecht, Chairman of the Works Council of the joint operation Gaggenau, was marked by a groundbreaking ceremony that signified a significant milestone in Mercedes-Benz’s sustainable business strategy.

With a recycling rate of over 96%, the factory will have an annual capacity of 2,500 tonnes, which means that most of the batteries used in electric vehicles can be recycled, reducing waste and minimizing the impact on the environment.

In partnership with Primobius, a technology firm, Mercedes-Benz will develop the factory, and the investment for the project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection as part of a scientific research project.

Mercedes-Benz is taking a comprehensive approach to the circular economy of battery systems, focusing on circular design, value retention, and closing the loop. The company aims to ensure that the production and disposal of batteries are as sustainable as possible, with minimal impact on the environment.

The closed-loop recycling concept is a crucial component of Mercedes-Benz’s circular economy strategy, and it involves collecting used batteries and recycling them to recover valuable raw materials. These materials can then be used to manufacture new batteries, reducing the need for new materials and minimizing waste. Battery recycling is an essential aspect of the shift towards electric vehicles, reducing the demand for raw materials and ensuring valuable materials are not lost.

Mercedes-Benz’s innovative battery recycling factory is a critical element of the company’s sustainable business strategy. The establishment of closed-loop recycling of battery raw materials is a significant step towards reducing the environmental impact of electric vehicles. With the support of its partners and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, Mercedes-Benz is well-positioned to lead the way in sustainable production and disposal of batteries.