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Mercedes C Class Coupe 2017 – Always Aim High

Mercedes C Class Coupe 2017 – Always Aim High

2017 model year, Mercedes Benz has set out to fix that. Even the base models get far more sensual lines and a sportier setup. AMG could have taken this newly athletic coupe, added a regulation number of black mesh grilles, and sat back to watch the sales roll in. But Affalterbach wanted more.


Think of the new AMG C63 as a gesture of grasp for the faithful. AMG vehicle evolution chief Oliver Wiech says, We feel a obligation to lift it to the next level. A new C-class coupe is a car of classic proportions. The front clip is shared with the sedan, but from the A-pillars back every line is new.

The low and compact coupe wears a relatively upright windshield and a softly sloping greenhouse. Wide, horizontal LED taillights are somewhat evocative of the AMG GT and the new S class coupe. The new C sedan is a capable performer in its class, but the coupe should do everything better.

A 1.6 inch lower roof-line and seating positions dropped 0.8 inch reduce the center of gravity height. The steering has been re-calibrated to amend driving dynamics. The next step up is the C450 AMG Sport coupe, powered by a twin-turbo’d 3.0-liter V-6 rated at 362 horsepower.

While it is derived from the European market C400, a non AMG model, the company insists that the 450 is “an integral part of the AMG family.” The radically overhauled C63 coupe stands in contradiction to that notion. We expect a sub 5 second 0 to 60 time. Top speed is governed at 155 mph, and 4 wheel drive is standard.

The driver looks at the same dashboard that graces the C class sedan, and that is a good thing this interior serves as the current segment’s benchmark, with its rich materials and optional Burmester stereo system.

Prices will remain close to the C-class sedan’s, or around $40,000 to start, with the AMG C63 commanding about $70,000. Look for the C300 to arrive next March with the C450 AMG and AMG C63 following in September. A.C class exchangeable will eventually emerge, but for excitement, look no further than the C63.