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Toyota To Launch New Model “Granace” in Japan

Toyota To Launch New Model “Granace” in Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces the launch of its new model “Granace*2,” which will go on sale at Toyota vehicle dealers nationwide on December 16. The new Granace comes in two grades: Premium grade, a three-row, six-seater priced at 6,500,000 yen*3 and G grade, a four-row, eight-seater priced at 6,200,000 yen*3.

Toyota Granace

Utilizing a semi-bonnet*4 package, the new Granace is characterized by its superb basic performance―including quietness and driving stability―and classy interior. An exterior style that exudes presence, a gorgeous cockpit, and a comfortable rear seating design further accentuate the car’s individuality.

The new Granace’s large radiator grille is embellished with metallic accents and flows seamlessly into the headlamps, which project in vertical and horizontal directions to create a powerful and bold frontal appearance. The distinctive LED daytime running lamps*5 pierce the headlamps and, together with the projective twin-lens LED headlamps that flow into the decorative chrome frame, express a sophistication well-suited to a luxury car.

Cladding panels*6 as well as moldings embellished with metallic accents flowing into the lower edge of the rear bumper suggest an extremely low center of gravity while contributing to a majestic side view.

The rear design complements the front design, and at the same time, the rear-combination taillight LED belts emphasize the car’s advanced nature. The rear-combination taillights appear to point skywards in a distinctive design and merge with the rear door garnish, expressing an impressively grand style with its high position.

The 17-inch tires are paired with aluminum wheels featuring a sculpted texture and metallic accents for enhanced luxury. The radial spoke design makes the wheels appear larger, and highlights their ability to powerfully support the car.

Despite its total length of 5,300 millimeters and total width of 1,970 millimeters, when clad with 17-inch tires the new Granace boasts a minimum turning radius of just 5.6 meters. Optimal steering angles and gear ratios enable smooth tire movement to achieve maneuverability ideal for urban driving.

The new Granace comes in a total of four exterior colors, including the arresting and classy White Pearl Crystal Shine option, and a sophisticated and luxurious Black.

The new Granace is equipped with a full range of safety equipment for safety and peace of mind: Intelligent Clearance Sonar with Parking Support Brakes (Stationary Objects) helps mitigate damage from collisions while driving in parking lots and similar environments by detecting stationary objects; when reversing in parking lots, Rear Cross Traffic Auto Brake with Parking Support Brakes (rear approaching vehicle) detects vehicles approaching from left-rear and right-rear directions, and engages the brakes when it senses the possibility of a collision; and Digital Inner Mirror projects images from the rear-facing camera onto the in-mirror display at the flick of a switch.