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Business Asset Of Finance

Business Asset Of Finance

The main purpose of Business Asset Finance is not just to bring working capital but it is a perfect solution in case of company acquisitions, mergers, turnaround finance, management buyouts and as a refinancing option for an existing business. Business Asset Finance is considered as a source to leverage sales growth, flexibility, access back some amount of funds invested to buy them initially and the revolving credit lines making it so much more convenient.


Types of business asset of finance which are:

  • Working capital
  • Plant And Machinery
  • Receive-ables

Working Capital

Business Asset Finance helps assist in financing of pre sold goods in some cases the amount could be 100% of the cost of goods. Business Asset Financing is a refinancing option that will improve cash flow and working capital. Stock Finance is a type of ‘Business Asset Finance’ where the importer or distributor will receive funds for finished goods free from Title, thus enabling them to purchase goods and resell them. In this case, they also finance Duty, Vat and Letters of Credit.

Plant & Machinery

This type of ‘Business Asset Finance’ is best suitable as refinancing option, in company attainments or as a cross corroborative security alternative. Business Asset Finance helps the company to purchase new or old machinery by lease purchase, operating lease, commercial loan, hire purchase and financial lease. These payments can be seasonal or depending on the progress.


Business Asset Of Finance can be provided to them upon calculating the gross rentals outstanding or against a percentage of the original net advance amount with some security over the rental stream. Some companies rent out equipment and provide leasing facilities they require additional working capital.


Business Asset Of Finance is a comprehensive solution to increasing working capital. Apply for just the right amount of funds and creditors grant a maximum percentage. This funding process is simple; the collateral required are within limits and an easy financing option for companies.