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Debunked: The Myths Surrounding 4G and LTE Mobile Internet

Debunked: The Myths Surrounding 4G and LTE Mobile Internet

These days it is possible to have a faster Internet connection on your mobile than at home! That is all possible thanks to 4G or “LTE” mobile Internet. 4G is the fourth generation of mobile technology, and has only become mainstream since 2013 in some countries.


On a personal level, I upgraded my mobile tariff to include 4G Internet, and it was just as fast as my home broadband connection! Going online became much quicker, which is handy when you’re out and about.

The thing is, a lot of people don’t know much about 4G and LTE technology. Because of this lack of knowledge, some people have misconceptions about it. In today’s blog post, I will debunk some of those misconceptions.

“My phone will be faster with 4G”

The only thing 4G will make faster is your Internet connection. The specification of your phone itself will remain the same.

A few people confuse 4G as being some kind of smartphone upgrade. It doesn’t help that smartphone makers use a numbering system for their models, for example the “iPhone 4S.”

“4G will fix my poor signal”

Unfortunately, 4G won’t make your smartphone’s signal strength any better. Some people have made reports to the contrary. But that could be down to a SIM card change, or even a change of smartphone (not all smartphones support 4G).

If you have a poor signal, there could be many different reasons why this is happening:

  • Your smartphone could be faulty;
  • You might not have a cell tower near you;
  • Your home or office might be restricting radio signals.

“4G will work on all mobile phones”

You need to have a smartphone that is compatible with 4G technology. For example, the latest versions of the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones support 4G.

If you have an archaic mobile phone, you would be better off upgrading to a new smartphone. The only people that can take advantage of 4G are those that use mobile Internet. If you can’t go online from your mobile phone, getting a 4G tariff is pointless!

“4G will drain my smartphone’s battery”

As smartphones become more powerful, they will doubtless use more battery power. My old Apple iPhone 4 only needed charging every five days, whereas my iPhone 5S needs a charge every two days!

Modern smartphones have longer standby times. Battery technology is always evolving, and so we will see smartphones with better battery life soon.

“My smartphone will only use 4G”

Because 4G is quite a new technology in many parts of the world, there isn’t as much coverage as there is for 3G. 4G coverage is improving on a daily basis.

If you live and work in a 4G-ready area, then it’s likely you will always use 4G. But if you head out of town, you might find that your smartphone drops down to 3G connectivity instead.

“4G costs too much”

When 4G first came out, mobile network operators charged extra money for the service. These days, there is little difference in price, if at all.

Do you have any questions about 4G that you’d like answered? Feel free to post them up! Thanks for reading.