Adventurers, campers or anyone else searching out a transportable, lightweight cooking set can be inquisitive about a brand new piece of kit created via Arnaud, referred to as the Kombuis. Which takes the shape of a portable, compact and efficient rocket stove set that offers a wood stove and a small pot and pan made out of magnesium alloy.

Kombuis Compact Outdoor Cooking Set Design

The Kombuis is an innovative and smooth-to-use camping cooking set that weighs 2.2 pounds and measures 4.7″ diameter via 6.3″ excessive when assembled. As we are able to see from the pix, the cooking set consists of four parts inclusive of a timber range, a pot and a pan that doubles as a lid. When not in use, the stove may be saved inside the pot, and the lid keeps it in area for clean sporting. In the meantime, the out of doors cooking set is made from 304 stainless for a robust and lengthy-lasting creation.


The portable camping stove makes use of natural biofuel such as sticks, twigs and extra, and the unique y-shaped layout now not simplest allows you to feature gasoline into the range without difficulty, however additionally improves the airflow. Moreover, the insulation within the wall continues extra warm air going out the top of the range for stronger burning. Moreover, the pot is big sufficient to cook dinner diverse foods, and the pan is designed to bake your favorite meat. The use of the space between the pouring mouth of the pot and the lid at the pot, you may without problems drain the cooking water after cooking.

Kombuis Compact Outdoor Cooking Set Price

The team behind Kombuis is raising fund via Kickstarter. The rocket stove is now available to back from just €74.99 with worldwide shipping expected to take place during July this year, If the Kickstarter campaign is successful. For more details and a full list of all available pledges jump over to the official Kombuis campaign page. But if you still want more efficient then this, then the Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set is the only one that’s just right, shown at event tech las vegas.