The Raumfeld One M sits between the two it is a top-notch Wi-Fi speaker that looks great and sounds even more than better. Raumfeld is a relatively new player in the field in the UK, at least and looks to contend with Sonos with a full range of Wi-Fi enabled speakers and systems ranging in size and price from the copious Stereo L speakers to the indifferent One S.


Unlike Sonos, it only comes in white with silver trim so if that does not accommodate in with the rest of your pad you will need to look elsewhere. The One M is tastily unpretentious. The speaker drivers are hidden behind a fabric mesh, while the whole is clad in thick, matte plastic. This is a very solid speaker with a pleasure of satisfaction, swept back, angular look that should fit into any coeval living room.

Styling And Connections

A depth of 20.2cm add a few more centimetres for the power cable and a height of 18.2cm means it should fit on a typical bookcase, with only a little of it projecting out. You might not be able to fit many books around it, though. At almost 41cm wide, the One M has a bigger footprint than the Sonos Play 5, its nearest rival in terms of price. If space is a major concern, have a look at the Raumfeld One S. It is a lot smaller and boasts water resistant specialties making it ideal for a kitchen or bathroom, even though it is a important step down in sound quality particularly bass and volume. The One M is geared more towards larger rooms. The Wi-Fi speakers do not tend to have many physical controls on them, the idea is to manage them via your smartphone or tablet. The One M, though, has a few knobs and buttons more than most.


Sonos has made a concerted effort to add as many streaming services to its app as possible and this is an area where Raumfeld cannot quite contend. That being said, the line-up of compatible streaming services on the One M is strong. You get Spotify via Spotify Connect, TuneIn, WiMP, Napster and with more coming soon. Tidal isn’t only supported, but actually comes free for the first three months with purchase of the speaker.

Sound Quality Of Raumfeld One M

All this means that you have a small package that delivers velvety, room filling sound. The Raumfeld One M will not abash you if you are having a party. Not one jot, with rich bass and a wince-inducing top level volume, it will impress you and your friends in any moderately sized room. The Raumfeld One M provides big sound in a compact speaker system. As with any setup where the speakers are close together, a stereo image is hard to attain. It is something you have to accept for the utility and small footprint of all-in-one Wi-Fi speakers.


The Raumfeld One M is a well-crafted Wi-Fi speaker system that sounds groovy. The quality is wondrous for something this size.