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Sony FDR-X3000 Boasts Full Optical Image Stabilisation Using A BOSS System


Sony announced a new 4K action camera with some very cool features. The FDR-X3000R boasts full optical image stabilisation using a Balanced Optical Steady Shot (BOSS) technology where the lens and sensor moves to take out the camera shake typical of hand held or body worm motion. It will go on sale in North America, along with the Full HD FDR-AS300 action camera.

The BOSS tech from Sony basically operates by moving the lens and sensor units at the same time, which aids in countering vibrations. That process, in turn, results in a smooth video sans the need for any digital enhancements to the image or cropping.


In terms of design, it’s not drastically different from Sony’s previous models, including the HDR-AS50 Action Cam.

In addition the camera has a 4K Exmor-R sensor providing great (according to Sony) low light performance. The camera records using XAVC-S at up to 100Mb/s and has also built in timelapse functions. All in all the spec is very impressive for such a diminutive cam. Pair it with the new Live-View remote and it becomes even more versatile as you can use it as a camcorder (and you can also change the focal length of the lens from very wide to medium). The Live View remote can be worn on your wrist, and attached to the back of the camera with a novel finger grip or clipped on to a tripod.

The new FDR-X3000R can shoot at up to 4K resolution at 30fps, with more cinematic 24fps and 25fps options, too.