Home Consumer Sony XBR A1E Bravia 4KOLED TV Is Both The Screen And Speaker

Sony XBR A1E Bravia 4KOLED TV Is Both The Screen And Speaker

Sony XBR A1E Bravia 4KOLED TV Is Both The Screen And Speaker

Sony unveiled its new Sony XBR A1E Bravia 4K OLED TV series during the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2017. The new Bravia OLED literally vibrates the screen back and forth to generate sound –the Sony set uses the display itself as the speaker.

Sony XBR A1E Bravia 4KOLED TV

The display itself appears to be just as thin as LG’s new 2.5mm thick OLED W7, but where the LG OLED puts the speakers in a giant soundbar you can position anywhere near the TV. Sony claims this approach “produce a wide sound and image synchronization from all angles, even off to the sides.”

The AE1 Bravia series will be available in three size variants: the 55 inch, the 65 inch and larger 77 inch display.

Sony said the moving to OLED allows it to offer a TV with “unprecedented black levels, rich and lifelike color, dynamic contrast, blur-less image, and a wide viewing angle.” LG would disagree with the whole “unprecedented” thing, but it probably holds true compared to Sony’s previous televisions. Sony is not actually producing OLED screens; they are likely being provided by LG Display (which is separate from LG Electronics and the competing TV business). The company declined to identify the vendor of its OLED display.

The OLED TV supports Dolby Vision HDR and a chip called the 4K HDR processor X1 Extreme powers the device. Like the other television, the new Bravia series runs Android TV. Users can control it with the Google Home speaker, download a slew of streaming apps from the Google Play, or cast content to the OLED screen from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Sony’s new OLED TV will be available later this year, and you can expect to spend all of your money on them. Previously, Sony flagships had started at well over $8000.