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BT UHD YouView Box – Colorize Your View

BT UHD YouView Box – Colorize Your View

YouView has been revealed by BT box, virtually identical in appearance and functioning. You can watch the 4K channel, downscaled to 1080p on a non-4K screen. For anyone not wanting to buy a 4K screen yet it maybe worth investing in the box before buying one, giving you noticeably superior pictures to Full HD channels. Seemingly, there are only two thousands UHD YouView boxes out there and as things unfolded on the day it became apparent we were witnessing a soft launch.


Astounded Detailing

Another great shot was when Hazard took a free kick, which Cech saved, seen zoomed in from the opposite end, the clarity is a level above anything else ever seen in HD, and colors are set to output via HDMI in 10-bit, were also terrific, luminosity of the players pink green boots is arguably too intense. Given that so few boxes were out in the wild at the time of the first UHD broadcast.

It was perhaps forgivable that BT would skimp on the frills, with Peter Drury expected to provide the commentary and fulfill the pre-match and half-time hosting duties along with single guest Kevin Davies. HD viewers on the other hand had the A-list with Glenn Hoddle, Ian Wright and Rio Ferdinand.

It felt a bit like a beta service had been unleashed on the public, but Jake Humphrey, the main BT Sport presenter, was at the birth of his second child on the eve of the broadcast so there was a definite element of reshuffling.

This additional detail allows the camera to zoom out wider, so you see more of an overview of the action. Static detail is especially good since there is some inevitable loss of resolution with motion and the frame rate isn’t high enough to keep fast moving objects pin sharp, though it is running at a higher rate than HD.

Final Decision

4K broadcasting has certainly made an extremely impressive debut in the guise of the BT TV UHD box. Ten years since the first HD broadcast the, ahem, goalposts have finally shifted again thanks to the BT Sport UHD channel.