USB Type-C isn’t going to be available in near future to cure all your USB related concerns. Till then you’ll have to use the regular ports and wait for the devices to come with the Type-C flavor. Yesterday I came across a Kickstarter campaign named InfiniteUSB which has solid potential to solve your current cluster of your USB related problems.

Infinite USB


InfiniteUSB is an open chain of multiple USB ports which in turn becomes an infinite series of USB ports. With each new InfiniteUSB connector, a new USB port is created. So you get infinite number of ports with just one port from your laptop.

It happens with us many times when few devices are left out due to shortage of ports. You can have USB extensions, but they are chunky and add to the existing USB clutter on your table. InfiniteUSB saves from all these troubles and provides power to all your devices.

This idea behind the InfiniteUSB is simple and its one end is a connector while other end is a USB port. When you plug an InfiniteUSB  in, it receives power and supplies the same to next InfiniteUSB  in chain.

InfiniteUSB has made its product available in different sizes and configuration. You can have a regularUSB, MicroUSB or Lightning. The wire attached to the InfiniteUSB is a flat cable which reduces the tangling possibility. For storage purposes, the connectors are magnetized – so that you can easily fold it and store it in your pocket.