Rosewill initially partnered with Super Flower, which made the company’s entry into the power supply market easier, since the first Rosewill Power Supply Units (PSUs) characterized very hi-functionality/dollar ratios. The Capstone G1200 PSU comes in six versions with capacities ranging from 550W to 1200W by covering much of the enthusiast market.

Rosewill Capstone G1200 PSU

Today we are looking at the 1200 Watt model with a particular accent on whether the new Capstone is any better than its harbinger. Additionally, on account of two or three DC-DC (direct current) converters that control the minor rails, the PSU is good with the C6 and C7 rest expresses that Intel’s Haswell CPUs presented. Unfortunately, the most extreme working temperature at which full power can be introduced constantly is restricted t 40 °C.

The single +12V rail is effective, determined for 100A and effortlessly supporting different illustrations cards on a forcefully overclocked stage. The minor rails are solid additionally with 150W consolidated most extreme yield. In the interim the 5VSB rail has enough squeeze to charge a tablet.

The principle ATX link is any longer than the EPS ones. Typically, it’s the a different way, EPS attachments are more distant away on most motherboards. At last, the 24-pin ATX, PCIe and EPS links use thicker 16 guage wires for lower voltage drops, while alternate leads utilize 18 guage wiring.

The G1200 does not do so well in our proficiency functionality metric. Nevertheless, it is not far away from the Photon-1200 and other Gold-rated platforms. We should note that these results were collected under normal operating conditions. In more extreme environments, the efficiency impact varies since it depends on the design of the platform and the parts that it uses.

The older Capstone PSUs, which were made by Super Flower, used a better platform though. We’re forced to wonder why Rosewill deviated from its winning formula. If Super Flower couldn’t provide the same platform. Increase Electronics might be a good OEM, but its hi-capacity offerings do not stand up to Super Flower’s Leadex platforms.


The new Capstone G1200 PSU might offer a gentle functionality/dollar ratio, however its performance is only average and on top of that it is noisy. Based on the G1200 experience, the older Capstone PSUs are much better overall, in spite of their age.