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Snapdragon 820: 64-Bit CPU

Snapdragon 820: 64-Bit CPU

At the point when Apple sent the iPhone 5s with a specially crafted 64-bit CPU, it surprised the portable business. The move to 64-bit was inescapable, however no one anticipated that Apple would arrive so rapidly, including Qualcomm whose 64-bit CPU was only a dab on a long haul guide. Without a hand crafted center of its own, Qualcomm embraced ARM’s Cortex-A53 and Cortex A57 stock centers for its leader Snapdragon 810 processor a year ago. Despite the fact that the 810 was a stopgap, it was not all terrible.

Snapdragon 820

The Adreno 430 GPU enhanced the Adreno 420 in Snapdragon 805, keeping up Qualcomm’s lead in ALU execution, and a speedier Category 9 X10 LTE modem moved nearby to the CPU subsequent to getting booted off the SoC island in the 805. Working from a not as much as perfect position brought about a not as much as perfect SoC.

Indeed, even before the Snapdragon 810 showed up, there were bits of gossip about overheating and memory controller issues. Our own testing approved the overheating bits of gossip a result of matching the force hungry A57 center with TSMC’s 20nm HKMG procedure and we have yet to see a 810 utilize the full transfer speed accessible from LPDDR4-1600 memory, even the v2.1 amendment. Qualcomm wants to move past these issues with the Snapdragon 820 and Kryo, its first specially crafted 64-bit CPU.

Qualcomm’s objective for the Snapdragon 820 is not just about enhancing execution, notwithstanding. It’s additionally about leveraging so as to empower imaginative client encounters heterogeneous figure, which consolidates the exceptional capacities of every processor CPU, GPU, DSP, and ISP to expand execution and minimize force use. PC vision, propelled imaging, and virtual the truth are all focused on application.

Qualcomm has stayed tight-lipped about its most recent processor outlines. Not at all like ARM’s full exposure┬ámodel, Qualcomm is a great deal more Apple like with regards to discharging low level data, especially about its GPUs. While specialized subtle elements are hard to come by, our interest about Snapdragon 820’s most intriguing segment the 64-bit Kryo CPU center stays high.

The move from TSMC’s 20nm HKMG planar procedure to Samsung’s 14-nm FinFET procedure ought to moderate the warm issues experienced by Snapdragon 810 and permit the 820 to utilize less power and/or reach higher clock speeds. As indicated by Qualcomm, with the “Kryo CPU and Snapdragon 820, you can anticipate that up will two times the execution and up to two times the force productivity” when contrasted with the A57 CPU in Snapdragon 810.

The Adreno 530 backings the most recent design API benchmarks, including OpenGL ES 3.1 + Android Extension Pack, DirectX 12, and Vulkan. Like the Adreno 430, the 530 incorporates a devoted altered capacity obstruct in equipment for quickening tessellation.


This preparatory take a gander at the Snapdragon 820 did not locate any frail focuses in its execution. While warm and battery life appraisals will need to hold up until we get shipping items into our lab, the utilization of Samsung’s demonstrated 14nm FinFET procedure alleviates reasons for alarm of a Snapdragon 810 redux. Structurally, the 820 is by all accounts set up well for Qualcomm’s heterogeneous processing vision.