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4 Ways Technology Is Changing the Healthcare Industry

4 Ways Technology Is Changing the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving due to the emergence of new technology. With current technological advancements, it is easier than ever for patients to take control of their health and receive the best healthcare possible. These particular advancements give doctors a more accurate understanding of your overall health and help them to treat you effectively.

Changing the Healthcare Industry

Receive Medical Advice Remotely With Telehealthcare

Computer technology makes it possible to contact your physician even when you live remotely. Whether you get sick in the middle of the night or you live far away from your doctor’s office, telehealthcare gives you the ability to contact a medical professional 24/7. You call contact your physician by email, text message, or phone call to get medical advice or a prescription. Not only does this keep you from making unnecessary trips to your doctor’s office, but it also helps your physician stay on top of your healthcare and develop a treatment plan if necessary.

Unlock Your Genetic Code With Genome Mapping

Whole genome sequencing is the process that doctors use to thoroughly examine your DNA so they can provide better treatment. Because your DNA holds your genetic code, it holds the key to your medical predispositions. Mapping your genes allows doctors to unlock this unique code to see which diseases you are most likely to develop and how you will respond to certain treatment. Not only does this give you the answer as to whether or not you will develop certain conditions or cancers, but it also helps doctors create a specific treatment plan that will be beneficial. One treatment may be more effective for you than another, so knowing which one will be most beneficial can help you combat the diseases you develop.

Monitor Health With Wearable Technology

If you can stay ahead of certain health problems, they are easier to manage. Wearable technology helps you monitor your health by tracking your vital signs to detect problems before they become noticeable. By monitoring your heart rate, blood sugar levels, and breathing patterns, wearable technology alerts you to potential problems so you can receive medical help before problems begin. Early intervention greatly improves your healthcare.

Print 3-D Devices and Grow Artificial Organs

Another major advancement in healthcare is the ability to create necessary medical devices that are customized for specific patients. Ranging from artificial blood vessels to genetically-modified organs that are created to be exact matches for certain patients who need a transplant, the fact that doctors can create these specific items for patients in need drastically reduces the chance for complications to arise after surgery. 3-D printing is a new technology with unlimited possibilities in the medical field.

With new advancements being made every day, healthcare is constantly changing and improving. This new technology allows patients to take a greater role in their own healthcare, but it also gives doctors a better understanding of how to effectively treat diseases. This leads to improved patient care and new treatment options that can be customized to fit the needs of individual patients. Because technology expands rapidly, it has the ability to radically change healthcare in a short period of time.