Amazon has recently launched a new tech named as ‘Dash Button’ that finally debuting in others of the world landed in Japan. The Dash Button is merely a button but what it really does is interesting.

These Wi-Fi connected buttons work as great gateways for users to place orders on items directly. Associated with various brands, all a user needs to do is push the relevant button to place the order. Since Amazon operates as the dominant e-commerce giant in competitive markets, its initial launch of the feature proved to be a success among its US user base, making its expansion strategy somewhat inevitable.

amazon dash button
Dash Button

Each Dash Button costs 500 yen ($4.40) in Japan, but you’ll get a 500 yen discount the first time you use it, so the button itself is basically free. As with elsewhere, the buttons are exclusive to Amazon Prime members.

With 42 brands being made available for Japan’s users for now, Amazon’s keenness to ramp up on its list of brand offerings will only continue to increase. Ranging from the Gillette razors to Suntory mineral water, there is a chance that the company will use this time to partner up with more popular brands in the country.

For now, it’s evident that Japan is just one of the few countries that are going to be blessed with the arrival of Amazon Dash in markets before the end of 2016. The company’s rapid expansion plan has potential to help the double upon its number of Dash users by this time next year.