DJI has announced a new drone in the Phantom 4 family an upgraded replacement for the original Phantom 4. The Phantom 4 Advanced – which, although it appears to have the similar 1-inch, 20 MP sensor as the Phantom 4 Pro, has increased processing powers that enable 4K video shooting at 60 frames per second. The new drone will cost $1,349.99 – $50 less than the original Phantom 4’s starting price.

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Display

Like the Phantom 4 Pro, the Phantom 4 Advanced is also comes with two versions: Advanced and Advanced+, that includes a controller with a 5.5-inch 1080 pixel screen built in. According to the company, the screen is twice as bright as conventional smartphones for the easier outdoor use. The Phantom 4 Advanced is said to have a storage capacity using a 128GB microSD card and and flight time has been improved to 30 minutes, up from 28 (both matching the specs of the Phantom 4 Pro).

Phantom 4 Advanced

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Features

The Phantom 4 Advanced comes out with many key intelligent features including Draw, ActiveTrack, Gesture, TapFly, Tripod and forward-facing obstacle avoidance system, that enable for smooth automatic flight modes. It’s equipped with the FlightAutonomy system made up of 5 vision sensors, that enable the drone to use many of the main features found in the Phantom 4 Pro as well as dual-band satellite positioning (GPS and GLONASS) and ultrasonic rangefinders. These should help to allow the Phantom 4 Advanced to hover precisely in places without GPS and fly in complex environments.

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Price

For those who interested to buy the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced will sell for $1,349.99, while the Advanced + (which includes the integrated screen controller) will cost $1,649.99. The new drones start shipping at the end of the month.