Home Mobile & Gadgets Fitbit Ace Kids Activity Tracker is designed for growing kids

Fitbit Ace Kids Activity Tracker is designed for growing kids

Fitbit Ace Kids Activity Tracker is designed for growing kids

Fitness tracker is providing parents a way to get sofa potato kids off the couch and far from the television with a buzzing wristband reminding them to rise up and energetic.

A new Fitbit wristband, designed for kids over 8, can send reminders to get kids up and active, set family step demanding situations and reveal sleep styles.

Known as the Fitbit Ace, it’s miles the company’s first fitness product aimed toward children. Fitbit take the shape of wristbands or smartwatches that can be used to track steps and sports, recording development on an app to hold people lively. We surly see more fitness tracker in an upcoming tech conferences. So stay with us.

Fitbit Ace

Fitbit Ace Kids Activity Tracker Features

In term of functions, the Fitbit Ace can track your children steps, how lengthy kids are active each day, and how long they’re drowsing. If children hit their desires, they’ll obtain celebratory messages as well as achievement badges. However not like other youngsters’s wearables, the Ace doesn’t have any GPS skills so it won’t track children’s actual location.

Youngsters are able to set their very own day by day goals and lively minutes for the Ace to track each day. They also can compete in step challenges with other family contributors, and send every different messages or cheers. Parents can also turn on Reminders to Move, on the way to send children friendly on-display messages to encourage them to stay active for the duration of the day.

Fitbit Ace kids activity tracker Price

The Fitbit Ace lasts five days on a single charge, and is derived in bright blue and purple band alternatives. Not like Garmin’s Vivoactive ($109.00 at Amazon.com) Junior fitness tracker, there are not any themed Disney band options. It charges $99.99 in the US, and may be offered the world over, e.g. for £79.99 in the UK and AU$129.95 in Australia.