The Flang HiFi music player is a professional piece of system for audiophiles on the way to allow them to upscale their favourite music without the want for complicated applications or components. The gadget works by way of being related on your choice of device to movement your music via to help optimize the signal to make sure it sounds as high pleasant as viable. The accompanying speaker will provide as much as 12 hours of usage and performs audio from the filtering gadget to preserve the upscaled tunes sounding as crisp as possible.

The Flang HiFi Music player identifies the increased demand for exquisite audio equipment as customers are seeking for out ways to upscale the music in their series to meet their stringent wishes.

Flang HiFi Music Player and Dock Speaker Design

The Flang is a excessive-performance HiFi music player that measures 229 x 100 x 67mm and weighs 700g. As we will see from the snap shots, this new player shows off a swish and elegant appearance design, and the tactile buttons no longer best offer cozy controls, but additionally upload a few rugged aesthetics to the player. In the meantime, the compact shape issue allows you to experience lossless HiFi audio anywhere you’re.


Flang HiFi Music Player and Dock Speaker Features

The usage of built-in headphone output and line-out, the HiFi track player works with numerous headphones and speakers, and using a complicated filtering machine, it materials the most powerful signal for the amplifier. The Flang supports 130mW of energy output that gives the direct push to a diffusion of high-impedance HiFi headphones for more desirable audio performance, and it supports WAV, APE, FLAC, WMA and MP3 formats. Its integrated rechargeable battery gives 12 hours of playtime on a single charge.

More importantly, the Flang features a custom dock speaker that measures 229 x 100 x 67mm and weighs 700g. Using a foldable cradle with USB-C connector, the speaker perfectly works with the music player. Furthermore, the dock speaker comes equipped with two 50mm drivers, and it features a dual-pump system, automatic gaining control (ALC) algorithm and specially designed stereo 25mm magnetic circuit system in order to produce high-quality stereo audio without distortion. Moreover, the dock speaker can also serve as a Bluetooth speaker that works with Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets and music players. Built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery offers 14-hour playtime between charges.

Flang HiFi Music Player and Dock Speaker Price

The team behind Flang is raising fund for the product via Kickstarter. We can pledge $149 to preorder the HiFi music player and the dock speaker. The bundle will be shipped in September 2018.