Google Wallet may no longer support the physical debit cards but the service is still alive and well, and recently it’s making it very easy for users to send and receive money with the cards that they already have. Google Wallet web app has been launched which allows users to access the Wallet using any web browser. They can send and receive payments as long as they have a debit card tied to their Google account.

The new Google Wallet web interface actually closely mimics the experience you find in the native Android app, though you do not get the added benefits of faster performance, and quick log-in via PIN code or notifications. Most importantly this is a fresh experience for when you want to send or receive money via Google Wallet on the web (perhaps when you do not have your phone nearby). That function had been in limbo since the introduction of Android Pay, and leaving you to only be able to send and receive money via the mobile apps and within Gmail.

Google Wallet

Of course, users can still use the Google Wallet app for iOS or Android Pay to pay their friends or accept funds on their mobile devices as well, and thanks to the automatic transfers there is no need to cash out before the money shows up in your bank account. Finally, while the Google Wallet is mostly aimed at person-to-person payments like Squarecash, Venmo and Paypal, Android Pay is also rolling out new integrations with hundreds of thousands of websites to simplify commercial check-out processes across the web.

The new Google Wallet web UI is available right now, so go check it out if you are inclined to send money over the air. This Android app is available on Google Play, but sadly is only downloadable for the users in United States – however, we have it on APK Mirror for others who would like to try it out.