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Hayo Launched Crowdfunding Campaign For Home Control System


Hayo wants to put your home controls in your hands. The company is launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise money for its gesture control system that lets you wave your hand to command objects around your house.

The system will control Internet of Things devices, or ordinary objects that are connected and smart. The idea is to turn regular gadgets, surfaces, and spaces into virtual remote controls for the connected home.


Hayo Augmented Reality System Design

The Hayo is an progressive and advanced augmented reality powered remote control hub that measures 8.66 inches tall by using 2.75 inches diameter and weighs 1.3 lbs. This new gesture control system shown off a portable cylindrical form factors that lets in you to freely set up it in any room of your home, and its smooth and low-profile layout blends nicely with various interior styles.

Hayo Augmented Reality System Features

When placed in your room, using built-in 3D sensor, the augmented reality system scan and create a 3D image map of the room, and it remembers your environment even if you move it. Once Hayo complete its scanning for your room, you can use its custom app to create virtual remote controls with your gestures on the objects in the room or even in the air.

Meanwhile, integrated WiFi connectivity permit it to wirelessly be part of your local network and work along with your smart home devices, and the augmented reality remote control supports those mainstream smart platforms including Amazon Dash, WeMo, nest, Chromecast, Sonos, hue, IFTTT and more, means that you can effortlessly control these smart devices by your gestures with no need any smartphone or remote controller.

Moreover, the augmented system features advanced motion analysis software that automatically recognizes proactive gestures and passive motion for accurate control experience. The sensing distance ranges from 1.31′ to 19.7′ and it delivers a 60 (vertical) x 49.5 (horizontal) degrees of FOV.

In addition, built-in infrared sensor allows it to work in low light conditions, and using built-in RGB camera allows it to works as an auxiliary home security system.

Hayo Augmented Reality System Price

The team behind Hayo is raising fund via Indiegogo. Pledging $199.99 will permit you have the opportunity to preorder the augmented reality powered remote control hub. If reaching their funding goal, it’ll be shipped in September 2017 (estimated).