There’s a growing concern about cyber security as consumers continue to fill their home with smart solutions, so brands are responding with new options like the ‘KeyWe’ lock.

Outfitted with 128 bit AES encryption technology, the lock works by completely encrypting all of the communications between the app and the lock itself. This ensures that users never have to worry about potential hacks, while the low price point of $99 makes it applicable for consumers looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade their existing security solutions.

The ‘KeyWe’ lock was explained by the team behind it who said, “The KeyWe smart lock comes with an Ansi Grade 2 Deadbolt and the aluminium we use is so strong they use it to build airplanes and boats! Data access is very restricted and if there is any attempt to jailbreak or any rooting is detected, the app will block logins and delete all data.”


The smart lock and companion smartphone application use 128 bit AES encryption for the connection, making sure that even the signals between the app and hardware are encrypted and are being constantly updated to ensure constant security. The development team explain a little more. “The KeyWe smart lock has been designed and manufactured with safety as its No.1 priority. Developed for safety, your home will become even safer when it meets the KeyWe smart lock”. The KeyWe can store up to 20 passcodes per door lock.

Owners can control all the features of the lock from their smartphone. For instance, they can invite guests, register multiplelocks, and get an alarm when the battery is low.

For more information, full specifications and a complete list of all available pledges jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page.