EcoFlow burst onto the scene last year with a $1 million crowdfunding campaign for its portable and, fresh from saying $four million in new funding, the U.S.-China enterprise is back with its second product: a mobile charger.

Follow-up acts are always hard, mainly whilst the first product changed into a runaway hit beyond initial expectancies, however the corporation is opting to tackle a problem with a view to enchantment to many, staying powered on the move. River Bank — today’s new addition — takes the idea of the portable cellphone charger and notable-sizes it with a power bank that could take care of phones, laptops, cameras and even jump-start a car.

RIVER Bank Modular Portable Power Station Features

Besides speedy charging assist and portability, one of the predominant promoting factors of EcoFlow’s product is its modular design which lets in users to change its sub-modules with the intention to cater to precise charging ports and maximize the machine’s power capacity. Every character module has among 40 and one hundred watt-hours of power, that means you’re able to convey a big amount of transportable power containers to flights at the same time as still complying with the safety guidelines imposed via the us Federal Aviation administration which restrict you to 100Wh battery packs. The mobile modules are stackable and can switch electricity between each other, in overall offering close to 200Wh of portable power. EcoFlow claims the solution can recharge your cellphone up to 30 times, provide a most of 4 recharges to modern laptops, or refill your DSLR camera battery up to 25 times on a single charge, relying on your modular configuration and the actual gadgets you’re recharging.


Users can also customize this new device based on their needs, ultimately being a suitable power choice for photographers on the go, a back up for medical devices, an external power source for laptops, and more. The powerbank supports wirelessly charging smartphones that support it; up to 6 devices can be charged at once.

You have the choice to recharge River Bank using either a typical wall outlet or solar. The device supports USB, USB-C, and is said to be airplane-friendly. The company plans to launch the product in the US, Canada, the EU, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, with shipping dates varying based on region.

RIVER Bank Modular Portable Power Station Price

The accessory will be priced at $199.99, whereas a 44Wh Sub-Module A will set you back $99.99. EcoFlow will also be offering a 94Wh Sub-Module B with a 100W AC port for $149.99, as well as a 21W Solar Charger compatible with the power bank which is meant to retail at $159.99. The RIVER Bank can be pre-ordered through Indiegogo and will start shipping in late summer or early fall.