Those who really looking for a way to help enhance their space a little more when it comes to their window coverings will find the ‘Slide’ smart curtain system to be an effective new solution.

Slide is a very cool project that aims to automate the daily activity of opening and closing window curtains. With an accompanying app, you can also program the time your curtains open and close. This can conveniently fool thiefs into thinking you’re at home every day, when you actually mightn’t be. You can also make them open when your alarm goes off in the morning.

slide smart device

Slide Smart Device Design:

This Slide is an advanced and easy-to-use smart curtain adapter designed to turn any horizontal curtain into a smart curtain. The smart curtain adapter measures 100 x 163 x 50mm and weighs 428grams. The Slide has a portable, minimal profile, and its solid white enclosure enables it to blend well with various curtain styles.

Slide Smart Device Features:

The ‘Slide’ can be set to open the curtains when you wake up and close them when you leave the house. The system supports If This Than That (IFTTT) capabilities, which means users can set the device to close the curtains when you turn on Netflix or open them when you arrive home and much more. If you have a voice-controlled assistant device like the Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can also use it to close or open the curtains, and totally handsfree.

In addition, its encryption protocol delivers a secure connection between your smartphone and smart curtain.

Slide Smart Device Price:

Right now, you have 26 days left to pay 69GBP, and you’ll get one roughly by June. The founders have raised more than double of their original 40,000GBP goal (at the time of the writing, it was 89,000GBP).