Home Mobile & Gadgets Sony PS4 Pro owners will gain the ability to playback 4K video

Sony PS4 Pro owners will gain the ability to playback 4K video

Sony PS4 Pro owners will gain the ability to playback 4K video

The PlayStation 4 Pro is ultimately getting a few extreme 4K video playback capability. due to the fact launch, the beefed up console has most effective labored with 4K video from streaming sites such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. But Sony recently began rolling out a Media participant replace for the PS4 pro to feature 4K nearby file playback.

The update will allow proprietors of a PS4 Pro and a 4K TV to play 4K-resolution MP4 documents — no longer MKV or other formats — within the app, whether or not the films are saved on a USB stick or streamed from a home server. (Not like on the PS3, it’s no longer viable to replicate documents without delay to the PS4’s internal tough drive).


Presently, the PlayStation 4 Pro most effective supports MP4 file playback. Different popular video packing containers are not supported. Home media servers should appear robotically as an choice while you open the player app.

Past everyday movies, the Media player can also play 4K VR motion pictures, but there’s a seize. The PSVR headset has a maximum resolution of 1080p, however VR content will look as appropriate if now not better than normal HD VR. That’s because the PS VR makes use of RGB OLED pixel tech that makes pix “pop” a little more than they might on standard displays.

If you don’t see the Media Player app update yet it should roll out to all PS4 Pro consoles in the coming days.

Overall, Sony’s strategy with getting 4K video on its more effective PS4 Pro is a little lackluster. you can stream UHD from Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu — however can’t lease or purchase movies / TV suggests from Sony’s very own video shop on the console. An easy-to-find 4K save may cross a few way in making up for the console’s loss of a UHD Blu-ray power. but as constantly, Sony appears targeting the gaming quit of factors first.