With the upcoming extinction of the headphone jack, wired-free earbuds are essentially vital going forward. However they aren’t with out their very own issues – battery life and capability for unintentional loss are chief among them. To help solve both of these problems, Ascape Audio is launching SoundFlow, a pair of earbuds that tuck away well interior a telephone case that still expenses them up.

Apple’s AirPods work nicely, but they hold proper down from your ears, and some customers report that they fall out. The SoundFlow Earbuds are a good deal smaller and neater-searching, measuring simply 27 x 17 x 16.5 mm (1.06 x 0.67 x 0.65 in. rather than hanging down, they curl up into the contours of your ear, and may be tightened to live positioned with a twist-to-lock gadget.

SoundFlow Battery Phone Case with True Wireless Earbuds Features

Revel in amazing audio that never runs out of power with the SoundFlow wireless Earbuds and charging SoundFlow Battery phone Case. Listen with none limit thanks to this device that mixes earbuds, a shielding case, and one hundred percent extra battery in your phone. The case charges both the earbuds and your cellphone concurrently. handing over hi-fidelity graphene drive audio, the wired-free earbuds supply your music the way it was intended to sound. The SoundFlow earbuds have a twist-to-lock layout, ensuring a cozy suit and also are dirt, sweat and rainproof. You could genuinely tap the earbuds to control your track, activate your voice assistant or take hands-free calls at the go. It even comes with lively noise cancelling and dual beamforming microphones so you can take calls in each ears. The SoundFlow case additionally features AeroShock pads, which guard your phone from drops.

SoundFlow Battery Phone Case with True Wireless Earbuds Price

Ascape is currently crowdfunding the SoundFlow gear on Indiegogo, where it’s already more than tripled its goal of $20,000 with 17 days remaining on the campaign. Pledges start at $59 for the earbuds and PowerDock, $99 for the earbuds and SmartCase, or $129 for all three. If all goes to plan, the SoundFlow should be in your ears by February 2019.