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Synaptics FS9100 Fingerprint Sensor For Smart Devices

Synaptics FS9100 Fingerprint Sensor For Smart Devices

Synaptics has unveiled a new Synaptics FS9100 Fingerprint Sensor for smartphones and tablets that can offer high resolution fingerprint scanning through glass up to 1mm thick. The Natural ID FS9100 optical fingerprint sensor are the first in a line of biometric authentication solutions for smartphones and smart devices.

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Synaptics says that the FS9100 “excels with wet finger performance” and that it’s scratch proof and waterproof as it’s protected by glass and eliminates electrostatic discharge concerns.

The optical fingerprint sensors are designed to be placed under the cover glass, including 2.5D glass, located in the front bottom bezel of devices. Under cover glass it eliminates button cut-outs and glass thinning processes required by capacitive under-glass sensor.

The FS9100 optical fingerprint sensors features Synaptic’ SentryPoint technology, offering manufacturers a wide range of unique and highly secure authentication features, including Quantum Matcher with PurePrint, an anti-spoof technology.

Synaptics has partnership with Shanghai-based OXi Technology, a developer of optical fingerprint technology. This will allow the removal of the home button and enable cleaner industrial designs for smartphones. “Our partnership with OXi supports getting to market very quickly with new and advanced optical fingerprint solutions that are scheduled to sample soon, and advances our China presence and support network,” Rick Bergman, president and CEO Synaptics said.

May be upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will use this sensor because Samsung has traditionally used synaptics sensors. We have already heard the rumors that Galaxy S8 is going to be the first smartphone to feature an optical fingerprint recognition, meaning that the scanner will be embedded underneath the display itself.

Synaptics says that mass production of this new fingerprint sensor is going to start in the second quarter next year. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S8 in February next year. So, it is unclear right now whether the sensor will be ready in time for the Galaxy S8 release.