Home Mobile & Gadgets TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smartwatch available to purchase via online stores

TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smartwatch available to purchase via online stores

TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smartwatch available to purchase via online stores

Smartwatches have a two-fold problem. First is how they from time to time feel like an solution searching for a hassle. The extra urgent trouble, but, is the fast, often much less than 24-hour, battery life. Smartwatch makers Mobvoi can’t virtually answer the primary however is supplying a solution for the second one. With the brand new TicWatch Pro that’s launching today, you could get two, even three, days of use. The secret, in case you haven’t heard yet, is that it has screens as opposed to one.

The double display screen is what makes this watch special, in idea. It is were given the sort of colorful OLED display you notice on maximum smartwatches, layered directly under a traditional liquid crystal display. The former display handles everyday facts readouts whilst the latter one handles continually-on time display. (it’s an FSTN — film compensated first rate-twisted nematic display — liquid crystal display like the ones located on 1980s-era virtual watches and pocket calculators, not the current-day liquid crystal display screens located on TVs and phones.)


The second display is really a transparent layer, activating when the smartwatch OLED turns off. It replaces the “constantly-on” mode it is on Wear OS watches by way of default, or may be booted up in a separate “essential Mode” that makes the watch a basic, low-powered health tracker. When the principle watch display is off, the reflective liquid crystal display activates, turning the TicWatch pro right into a large Casio watch of types that tells time, steps and heart rate. The Essential Mode also takes over while the TicWatch Pro’s major battery dies and the watch shuts down, giving it an emergency battery extension. Or, press the decrease button on the TicWatch pro, and the watch can boot into vital Mode.

TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smartwatch Specs

Size: 45mm by 12.6 mm
Displays: 1.39-inch, 400×400-pixel OLED, and FSTN display
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100
Storage: 4GB
NFC and Google Pay
Optical heart-rate sensor
415 mAh battery
IP68 water resistance

TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smartwatch Price

All these for just $249.99, which is about the same price as many high-end Wear OS smartwatches. The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro launches on Amazon today and exclusively available to the retailer.