Campers, tourists, and people in need of: a night time light, SOS emergency beacon, or torch will respect the yellow solar Powered LED Flashlight from WakaWaka. Small, light-weight, and versatile – this light has two targeted LEDs with a vibrant, 25 lumen setting that lasts 8 hours, a medium, 12.5 lumen placing that lasts 16 hours, and an strength saving, 5 lumen putting that can last as long as 80 hours. The 800mAh, NiMh battery is charged by the 750 mWatt 18% mono-crystaline solar panel.

WakaWaka Light Solar Powered LED Flashlight Design

The light is the lite model of WakaWaka power+ solar flashlight, so it fits for a lot of us who have owned an individual portable power bank. It measures 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 inches and weighs 4.6 oz. As shown within the images, the flashlight capabilities a similar layout with electricity+. The intense yellow outdoors supplies a colourful aesthetic fashion, and the compact form factor lets in for clean wearing. In the meantime, the casing is made from high effect resistant, 100% recycled laptop-ABS for a long lasting and eco-friendly design.

WakaWaka Light Solar Powered LED Flashlight

WakaWaka Light Solar Powered LED Flashlight Features

The LED flashlight promises 3 light settings from 5 to 25 lumens. Moreover, using an included stand with two custom holes in distinctive sizes, you could without difficulty location the LED light on the floor, hang it to your tent, or immediately maintain it on your hand. Moreover, the SOS beacon makes you noticeably seen inside the darkish for some emergent conditions. Its integrated rechargeable battery gives as much as 40 hours of light on a single charge, and its integrated solar panel permits it to be absolutely charged after 5 to 10 hours within the solar.

WakaWaka Light Solar Powered LED Flashlight Price

WakaWaka Light solar powered LED flashlight is priced at $39.72 USD. If you are really interested in this new solar powered LED flashlight, then jump to Amazon for its more details.