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4 Reasons to Outsource Your Cloud Storage Management

4 Reasons to Outsource Your Cloud Storage Management

By 2020, 85 percent of enterprises will use a cloud access security broker for their cloud storage needs. As more organizations switch to the cloud, they’re starting to understand the value of using these brokers. Brokers work as intermediaries between cloud providers and companies in the same way food stores help both farms and customers. Discover four reasons companies should consider outsourcing their cloud storage management to a cloud access security broker.

You Can Scale Your Company Faster

Young companies are known for growing quickly. These businesses might start with five or 10 employees, but then they grow to almost 30. This development often comes with rapid growth in business and client work. Companies that try to manage their storage with in-house methods could find themselves without enough storage, but they might feel nervous about expanding to the next level. Cloud access security brokers work to create the right package sizes for their customers so that clients pay only for what they need.

 installing and running a data center

This arrangement is also helpful for seasonal businesses. Some industries get the bulk of their sales or site traffic over a few months, which means they need more storage at different times of the year than others. Cloud access security brokers are an alternative to one-size-fits-all solutions.

You Don’t Need In-House Resources

Not only is the cost of installing and running a data center something few companies are capable of affording, but it also requires internal staff for maintenance. Those two expenses won’t decrease, and they will probably increase as the internal team stays within the company. Before making such a large investment, consider cloud storage that’s maintained through a cloud access security broker. The cost of paying for storage and the broker is still less than the cost of a full-time employee and an internal server structure.

The Broker Can Integrate Cloud Storage With Existing Processes

One of the biggest challenges companies face when implementing a cloud storage system is integration. Most companies already have existing processes and aren’t willing to change them to match cloud guidelines. A cloud access security broker can work with your vendors or tools and find ways for both parties to work together seamlessly. This partnership takes stress off of your internal team while making the cloud an important part of your business.

You Can Receive Updates and Communication

Communication is particularly important for small businesses that need to quickly react to any problems or risk monumental financial damage. CEOs and the heads of IT departments can set up regular calls with their cloud brokers to review security protocol, storage options, and any potential issues with the account. Companies don’t have to monitor their cloud and data security situation 24/7; they can remain confident that someone is looking out for their best interests.

Many CEOs who are unfamiliar with tech worry about integrating cloud storage into their companies, but cloud access security brokers are experts and know how to limit risks and costs. Instead of becoming an expert in everything, focus on running your business and let the professionals take care of your data storage and security needs.