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ADATA Hits Back With A New Line Of USB 3.0 External Hard Drives

ADATA Hits Back With A New Line Of USB 3.0 External Hard Drives

Adata announced a pair of external storage products with an emphasis on stylish design and light weight. Both the Premier SC660 and HC660 are USB 3.0 external drives using a single micro-USB connector.

ADATA HC660 USB 3.0 Features:

ADATA continues to offer customers more opts for external storage, enabling content mobility with easy sharing, multi-OS compatibility, and enhanced durability. ADATA HC660 makes them highly attractive and practical storage products for users who want a combination of eye-catching style and portability.


The new disk is the lightest and thinnest of Adata’s external disks, though, and it comes in 1TB and 2TB capacities. These new ultra-slim external hard drives (9.6mm thick – nearly same height as a standalone 2.5-inch internal drive) boast a durable sandblasted and the electroplated metal enclosure to deliver the strong resistance against scratches, fingerprints, paint chipsand smudges, a USB 3.0 connection interface (backward compatible with the USB 2.0) and an operational temperature of 5° C to 50° C.

The new SC660 delivers high speed up to 440MB/s read and write performance and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Android devices. It’s available in 240GB and 480GB versions.

The new HC660 shares the 9.6mm form factor of the SC660, which means it’s roughly the same height as a bare 2.5-inch hard drive. It is also compatible with Mac OS X, Android and Windows. The HC660 is offered in 1TB and 2TB models. From work documents to games, photos, and videos, the HC660 makes external storage simple and a stylish joy.

ADATA HC660 USB 3.0 Price:

The ADATA HC660 USB 3.0 external hard drives are now available for $79.99 (1TB model) and $109.99 (2TB model), respectively.