Home PC & Internet Should you buy a normal or gaming mouse for 2020?

Should you buy a normal or gaming mouse for 2020?

Should you buy a normal or gaming mouse for 2020?

Probably you have wondered if you should buy a normal or a gaming mouse? If you are looking for the experience of someone who has already tried them, and can tell you what the difference is, you are in the right place to clarify your doubts. This includes concerns such as whether a mouse is abysmal or stunning, or whether it is worth it for its price.

To begin, we’ll analyze every aspect of a gamer mouse, and we are going to tell you about our experience and the difference in respect to a normal one.

A gamer mouse has some key characteristics and advantages intended only for online video games that normally other mice do not have. They stand out above all for their aesthetics and unusual design. They are light and have a “sporty” structure. Normally they have more buttons than normal mice, this is because they can be configured as shortcuts to quickly access a key or an assigned macro.

Razer Hyperflux Gaming MouseRazer Hyperflux Gaming Mouse

To be considered a true gamer product, it is necessary to have these characteristics you’re about to see.

Shape and ergonomics: There are up to 3 basic types of mice according to the way we grab them. They are called claw, palm, and hybrid. It is fundamental that before choosing the right one, you know in advance which one adapts better to your form and style of game.

Weight: We recognize that a light gamer mouse is as good as a heavy one, but most players prefer something lighter to fly from one point of the screen to another. This unique characteristic allows you to remove or put weight on them with a small weight system inside.

The DPI: This defines the maximum sensitivity of a gamer mouse. The greater the number of dpi, the more sensitivity it has. Honestly, if you have 4000 DPI it is more than enough as long as it is adjustable. While some gaming shops might try to sell you 16000 DPI mice, they are not necessary.

Lots of buttons: As we noted before, most of these mice have more buttons than an ordinary one. Some of them have up to 20 buttons. You can set up each one to do a different action, and not only in one game, but a specific configuration for each game.

The recommended number of buttons depends a lot on which games you play frequently. For games like WOW or RPG games online, you can have 20 buttons, one for each skill or command.

On the other hand, if you’re going to play League of Legends or DOTA 2, you won’t need so many buttons. For that kind of game, we would recommend 2 or 3 buttons for your gaming mouse.

However, this is very subjective, so remember that everyone has his style of play, so take this information as a suggestion to get an idea of what you want.

Lights: There are thousands of different patterns and colors in the design for each gamer mouse. We’re talking about more than 15 million possible configurations, so you’ll have lots of choice.

Each brand usually has a predefined color, such as Razer with green, Mars gaming with red, and Logitech with blue. You can set patterns as intermittent, continuous, or half, depending on the model you buy and the quality of it.
For normal mice, they usually come in the same standard size, hence there are not many variations and you are usually unable to choose one that you immediately like. Although they tend to be cheaper, they also get damaged faster due to lower quality. The sensitivity is not very good, as they are generally for offices where the keyboard is used more instead.

In conclusion, the benefits of a gamer mouse compared to a normal one is immense. If you like to play video games and are seeking to join e-sports gaming, a gamer mouse is what you need as it is going to improve your gaming experience to a new level. For all these reasons you should buy a gaming mouse for 2020.