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Stay Ready for Your Close Up in this Digital World

Stay Ready for Your Close Up in this Digital World

The growing use of social media networking and photo sharing over a variety of platforms has led to the growth of the digital camera industry and that growth is expected to continue through 2020.  One segment that has seen an upsurge and is contributing to that trend is the use of photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.   The rise in disposable income that makes acquiring high end cameras as an initial purchase or buying a higher quality camera as a replacement  is also a contributing factor to the segment growth of digital cameras.

growing use of social media networking

The growth in North America benefits from innovation, replacement demand and rising incomes, and the eagerness of users to own the latest upgrades as soon as they come to the market.  The point-and-shoot category has taken a hit as increasing demand for better digital cameras built into smart phones and other mobile devices are released.  Built-in lens cameras and inter-changeable lens cameras are falling out of favor as a result of the convenience and ease of manipulation gained from using a cell phone camera to capture a news worthy event or unique moment.  Add to that the high-resolution cameras that are being built into mobile devices and the reason for the slightly lower demand trend.

Practical uses for these easily available devices has led to unexpected consequences as viral videos lead ordinary people to obtain celebrity status through hits, likes and sharing of their unique images, videos and performances.  Some of these “overnight sensations” have lobtained modeling contracts, record deals, celebrity endorsements and late-night television appearances.

Being camera ready has a new meaning as you never know when an ordinary moment can land you in the spotlight.  When it comes to the camera capturing the soul of the individual at work or at play the old saying that the “eyes are the window to the soul” comes to mind.  You can easily enhance your eyes with some of the most popular eyelash enhancements on the market today.  Groupon offers great deals on these.  The popular Kim K. lashes, mink eye lashes, or regular glue-on lashes are 60% to 70% off with a Groupon.  And you can use your smart phone to purchase the coupon, apply the coupon, then take a selfie of your new lashes to upload and go viral.  You certainly can’t do that with a point-and-shoot camera.