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Thermaltake announced the Ventus X Plus smart gaming mouse

Thermaltake announced the Ventus X Plus smart gaming mouse

Taiwanese firm Thermaltake, best known for computer peripherals recently announced the release of its newest gaming mouse aptly named, Ventus X Plus. This latest entry to its Ventus line will help you to improve performance by recording a few metrics like mouse speed , distance traveled, clicks and action per minute (APM). The highlight of this gaming mouse is that it equipped with Bluetooth module so your performance stats will be synced with the mobile device or desktop app.

The Ventus X Plus is a right-handed laser mouse that features a 10,000 DPI optical sensor, and an ARM-based 32 Bit microcontroller, Japanese branded Omron switches along with a 20 million click lifecycle, on-the-fly DPI adjustment, and a new matte surface coating on its vented chassis. The gaming mouse cable is braided with a gold plated USB connector. It also has three removable 4.5 grams weights.

Thermaltake Ventus X Plus

For each genre of computer games (RPG, FPS, RTS, etc.), information on the total distance traveled, the total number of actions, number of actions per minute (APM), the number of clicks per minute (CPM), the period during which the mouse lies on a solid Surface, and the time while manipulator is above it. Further, you can send the received information to the servers of Tt eSports Community & Data Management Platform in order to share the results, compare their stats with pro-gamers and compete with other users in all sorts of topics.

There are six programmable buttons; left and right click, the clickwheel, a DPI button, and the two forward/back navigation buttons. All offer easy access to up to 30 macro functions that are all managed by Thermaltake’s Tt eSports Plus+ mobile and PC application. There are two lighting modes available: Pulse and Game mode. The logo and the mouse wheel also change color to match your current DPI level.

Thermaltake Ventus X Plus mouse will appear on store shelves in the near future. Its recommended price is $49.