ASUS announced their new Republic of Gamers sheath Series desk mats, it is not designed simply to accommodate one of its gaming mouse weapons but all computer gaming desk equipment including laptops or keyboards.

Measuring 900 mm x 440 mm it is easy to accommodate a large gaming laptop and your gaming mouse on the ROG Sheath, with a stable and expansive mousing pad either side, depending upon your left side or right side preferences. Thanks to this your death-by-mouse-pad days are over, claims Asus, as it is rather a stretch to push your mouse off the available surface. There is simply no edge for the mouse to fall off mainly when you can easily put a 17-inch G752 gaming laptop on it also.

Its Stylish mouse pad along with a woven surface designed for a smooth glide and pixel-precise control with all types of gaming mice. It featuring a large ROG logo and Mayan-inspired detailing and its weight about to Weighs 695g.

This is designed for long gaming stints, non-slip ROG rubber base and durable anti-fray stitched edges for years of use. You can be confident the Sheath won’t be going anywhere while the non-slip ROG rubber base (plus everything you can put on it) keeps it in place, you can also feel confident regarding the durability as the stitched edges prevents fraying and the pad has been stress tested with heat and friction.

Rog SheathDuring the design process this massive mouse pad passed a 250Km mouse glide test and successfully endured temp of -30°C and 60°C for over 57 hours. Availability and Pricing not yet announced.